Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Quit Praying for Something

I long ago quit praying for something.

That sounds bad coming from a pastor.  But it's true.  I don't pray for a few things anymore - one in particular.  I don't pray for ease.

I have two close friends walking through job situations, one much tougher than the other but both very present, very felt, and very tenuous (at best).  I pray for provision.  I pray for clarity.  I pray for righteousness.  I pray for blessing.  I pray for favor.  But I don't pray for ease.

Other friends at another church are walking through rough days with the church itself.  Wisdom.  Confession and repentance.  Health.  All of those.  But not ease.

In my own life we have decisions to make that are and will affect our family.  Clarity.  Wisdom.  Perspective.  Courage.  But not ease.

Why?  Because the road of ease is rarely the best road ultimately.  I'm not spiritual masochist, loving the pain that comes along with the road called Other.  But I do know there are benefits down it, in particular a faith refined by fire, purer than gold, resulting in praise to Jesus and attaboys to us (1 Peter 1.6-7).  And that's worth it.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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