Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love Demonstrated

At the cross, Jesus demonstrates God's Love (Rom. 5.8). 

Never has a question been answered more demonstratively and more convincingly.  The question:  does God really love me?  The answer:  absolutely, forever, and clearly.

There, in the cross, we see God showing us how much He loves us - how much He values us.  That could sound like we belong to some elitist club.  That's not really how it goes.  He makes much of us at the cross because it frees us to ultimately make much of Him forever.  He gives us His love and that love sets us free to love Him as we were created to do.

There's a pretty popular song out there that ends with, "You took the fall and thought of me above all."  It's a nice sentiment, but it's not accurate.  God wasn't thinking of us "above all."  He's no idolater.  He works all things for His glory.  But He did (and does - notice the present tense of Rom. 5.8) make us the object of His affection and gladness so that we can make Him the object of our affection and gladness forever.

That is the love of God for us.  That is the love that sets us free from fear.  That is the love that transforms us.  That is the love that came to us at Easter.

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