Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Holy Wednesday

The reason Jesus spent time challenging the Establishment was this: the Establishment was the tool of the Enemy that multiplied people's blindness to the Truth (Matt. 23).

"Twice the son of hell."  That's a damning statement (pun fully intended).  But the Establishment of the religious leaders gave in to the plague that affects every organization if they don't war against it.  The overriding value becomes preservation of the organization.  When this happens, on the leadership level, organizations switch to institutions.  On the personal level, people get trampled on, chewed up, ground down, put upon, left behind, treated poorly, dehumanized, degraded, defamed (a.k.a. thrown under the bus), and generally destroyed.

That's why Jesus confronted the issues and the people peddling them.  People are way too valuable to God to be subject to the cruelty of the institution.  It's one more way Jesus is our deliverer.

Organizations are good and can provide a life-giving context in which people are transformed.  I work for one and try to lead one.  But God forbid we become an institution.

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