Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why I'm Blogging Now...

For all 4 who read this and want to know why in the world I started a blog, here are some thoughts I've had in the run-up to it...

First, I have to keep up with my wife.  Actually, she's a much better writer than am I and keeps our family blog at  It's way better than this one.  So, I use this as an advertisement for her.

Second, many have commented on the little Facebook blurbs I post every weekday.  Thank you for the feedback and encouragement.  I'll use this to expound a few sentences on those thoughts for those who might want to think a little longer on them.

Third, in my staff evaluation this year, I told the personnel team of the church I pastor that I'd like to write some.  I've submitted a couple of articles to Leadership Journal and have had a book idea or two.  But I'm just not that good of a writer, so I thought I'd give this a go as a way to hone that craft.  Thanks for your patience with me.

Lastly, I really do hope to say something worthwhile on here.  That's the main reason I use Facebook.  It's the main reason I preach.  It's the main reason I do a lot that I do.  So this is one more outlet for that.  But far be it from me to try to say something worthwhile without mentioning Jesus Christ, the One who is True Treasure.  My words are only as worthwhile as they are reflective of Him.

Thanks to everyone who spends the time reading this.

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