Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Six Long Weeks

It has been six weeks, almost to the minute from when I'm typing this, from the point where the Queen's best friend in the whole wide world Bec called my phone.  We had just made the switch at TCH and I was on the way home with the Big Three.  Her words were haunting:

"Trent, you need to get home and get a shower and get the kids settled.  And then you need to come back up here right away.  It looks like Maggie has had a stroke."

Ever tried driving when you can't see and can't breathe and everything is tingly?

In these six weeks, we have seen God prove Himself faithful to us.  We have seen Him work miracles, attested to by doctors' descriptions and statements like, "I never would've thought..."  We have seen the church rise up.  We have seen friends become family.  We have seen love get practical without losing its heart.

We have laughed some.  We have cried.  My how we have cried.  We have sat in very dark places.  We have seen sunlight peak over the horizon.  We have prayed boldly and barely prayed.

Somehow, in strength that God supplies and with infused courage from Framily, we have taken step after step, one at a time.

Thank you for walking with us.  Through it all, Jesus reigns over everything.

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