Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Morning Update and Prayer Requests

The blogs have slowed down in pace because there hasn't been much new to report.  The fact that so many of you have expressed interest, care, concern, and desire to know more means the world to us.  Thank you.

The Minion is overall doing well.  She continues to recover and work at becoming the kiddo we brought to the hospital, a heart cry of ours from the start - that we'd bring home the same little girl that we brought up here.  Her left side is returning steadily.  Her vision seems to be better too, though I personally still think she has to work on focusing sometimes.

I saw her neurosurgeon in the hall a couple of days ago during his lunch break.  I reintroduced myself and he replied that he knew exactly who I was.  Then he said, "You haven't seen me because you haven't needed to."  That is encouraging.

I had a good conversation with a friend last night (he happened to be traveling on the Left Coast, so it was his afternoon) who asked how I was doing - really doing - and I told him this:  we are so grateful for where we've come and recognize that we have a long way to go yet.  I won't speak for the Queen, but depending on which moment you catch me in, you see me full of gratitude or in search of the strength and courage to continue the path.

The initial thought by the rehab team was to aim for late August for a discharge.  That's a floating date, we understand, and will be nailed down as we see progress.  So there are still prayers to pray and work to be done.

On that note, here are some prayer requests for the week:

1.  Ongoing recovery with her left side.  And no plateaus - just a steady climb out of this back to normal.

2.  That the God-designed body process that is dealing with the lesions in her brain will continue to do exactly what God designed them to do.

3.  For the Big Three to hang in there.

4.  For the Queen and I to continue to do what we need to do, to stay as connected as possible, and remind ourselves there's a day coming when all six people will sleep under one roof again.

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