Monday, May 12, 2014

How Jack Bauer helps me prepare for worship


I'm not kidding.

The whole deal is this:  expectancy.  I have been waiting on the 24: Live Another Day premiere last week and can't wait for tonight's episode.  I know it's weird, but I'm serious.

I love the whole idea of the show.  I love the supporting cast.  And I love Jack Bauer.  How great a character is he?  Has there ever been a character so conflicted and yet so confident on television or the movies?  Ever?

And tonight, don't call my house while it's on.  I won't answer.  I'll call you back.  But don't call.  Seriously.  I.Won't.Answer.

Is it pathetic?  Maybe.  Is it addictive?  Certainly.

But it points me to worship on Sundays.  No, I don't equate Jack Bauer and Jesus.  Jesus never talked about how He was running out of time.  Or shot someone in the knee to get information.  Or stuff like that.

The expectancy that's in my heart for 24 when it comes on is a challenge to match for Sunday when it comes.  Does my pulse rate go up?  Do I think about Sunday more than once?  Do you?

Can I, as a pastor, offer a couple of quick application thoughts to help you be expectant for Sunday?

First, get some sleep.  Try to go to bed at a decent hour.  However many hours you need for a normal workday, do the same for Sunday.

Second, get up 15 minutes earlier.  It'll save you the stress of not finding the other sandal in time.

Third, start singing before the worship service.  You will be surprised what a song in the shower or in the car on the way or other places shapes your thoughts and readies your heart.

Fourth, read a psalm.  Any of them.  But 1-27 or 145-150 are terrific for revealing God and readying your heart.

Last, forgive someone.  That argument with your spouse.  That sassy remark from your kid.  That coworker issue.  Forgive them.  See their sin against you nailed to the cross.  And then see your sin right next to it.  And the fires of worship will start to smolder.  And a little wind from the Spirit will fan them into flame.

Sundays matter.  Be ready for them.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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