Monday, May 5, 2014

Back in the Game - a reflection on ministry and technology

Well, after a week where I was computer-less after a bad hard drive experience and answering emails on an iPad but not doing much else, I have two reflections...

First, having a computer go down and an iPad to turn to for email is very much a First World Problem.  There are faithful pastors, pastors more faithful than me in 1000 ways, who have neither computer nor iPad.  They do ministry sans technology or on borrowed computers.  And Jesus is pleased.  So I'm not griping, I promise.

Second, I am amazed just how technologically dependent I have become in my ministry.  Email.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Blogs.  Research.  Web.  Illustrations.  Even text messages (via iMessage).  All of that tech is designed to help me stay up with people and get better at communicating with them, etc.  But it was all tech-related.

I'm not really sure I'm proud of the second.  In fact, let me say it might have been a little eye-opening when I found myself, for a moment or ten, sitting in my office saying to myself, "Uhm...normally at this point I do X.  I can't do that.  What should I do, then?"

My answers that I worked out that I will employ more often, even when I don't have a jonesed up computer:  read more, write more handwritten notes, and make more phone calls.

I don't know if that intersects with your life at any point of your week, but I thought it was worth noting here.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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