Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sermon Notes from Sunday, 4.6.13, on Galatians 3.15-26

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday, 4.6.13, on Galatians 3.15-26.  You can get these notes in PDF and the sermon audio at  You can also get the audio via our podcast on iTunes.

8 – A Contract, a Prison Guard, and a Tutor 

Galatians 3.15-26

Three Roles the Law Plays

            Contract (v.15-20)
  • Doesn’t change previous covenants (v.15-18)
  • Defines the terms of the relationship (v.19)
  • Identifies responsible parties (v.20)

    Prison Guard (v.21-23)
  • Will not and cannot release us from rendered judgment
  • Carries a sense of bondage / captivity

    Tutor (v.24-26)
  • Charged with supervision of children until they grow up
  • Sense of impersonal / distance

    Do we throw out the Law?
  • In a sense, yes – it is not the source of righteousness
  • In the best sense, no – it is the course of righteousness

    Three Aspects of OT Law
    1. Civil Law – governed the nation of Israel
    Dismissed when God allowed the nation to be dissolved
    2. Cultic Law – governed the congregation of Israel 
    Dismissed when Christ died on the Cross
    3. Moral Law – governed the people of Israel
    Never set aside, only affirmed, deepened, and summarized in NT
Any religion without the Gospel will be marked by captivity and distance 

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