Monday, April 14, 2014

Go Read this Post...Now!

If you haven't been over the to the Queen's blog to check out this practical, heartfelt, and important post on adoption, you should go right now.  Here's the link:

This is the Link to the Queen's Awesome Post

The summary (but you should read the commentary):

How to survive the first few weeks home post-adoption or post-foster placement...

1.  Get some sleep

2.  Eat Healthy

3.  Forgive Yourself

4.  Stick to the Basics

5.  Establish a Routine and Stick to it

6.  Be Good to Yourself

7.  Take Every Thought Captive

Seriously, you have no idea how good this is.  For younger parents, it's equally applicable because it's hard those first few weeks of parenthood.  For adoptive parents, there are unique comments.  For foster parents, the same is true.

Go read it.  Now.

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