Thursday, October 1, 2015

#NT75 Day 25: Acts 14-18 Paul just might be crazy

I cannot get over this part of the passage.  I thought about writing about something else but I just can't get past this one.

Paul was stoned, drug out of town, and left for dead in Lystra.  He suffered because he preached the Gospel.

Left for dead.

I take that to mean he was in pretty bad shape.  So when the disciples came to check on his body, they found him alive.  So he got back up.

And went back into Lystra.

The very place where they had just stoned him and left him for dead.  He went back there.

And with a living example before them, he reminded the followers of Jesus there that it is with many tribulations that you enter the Kingdom of God.


Bonus thought:  Acts 15 is such a crucial chapter because it answers the question whether one has to become Jewish before becoming a Christian.  We so often worry about who's in and who's out that we forget to care about the people who Jesus has transformed, is transforming, or wants to transform.

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