Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Morning, A Special Birthday, and an MRI

Well, it's Monday morning.  And as Monday mornings go, at least with the crew I run with, the Minion and I are back at the hospital - this time a planned trip! - for a follow-up MRI.  I note that immediately to ask for prayer that it comes back just like we like MRI's:


That equates to no new swelling, a decrease in the areas affected by her strokes, no complications from the sedation, and so forth.  You know, the basic run of the mill Heart-Baby-Being-Sedated-After-A-Stroke-While-On-Asprin-Regimen prayer request.

Thank you.

On a second note, I have been trying to sift through the fog that still exists in my brain and heart to find the rocks of remembrance of the whole saga.  I hope to begin that blog series tomorrow.

Finally, it's the Queen's birthday.  If you bump into her, please tell her how awesome she is, how much she's appreciated, and how the world is a better place because she's in it.  And yes, please wish her a Happy Birthday too.

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